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Stone Tower

Protege Program

Break through the barriers that have intentionally and unintentionally prevented underrepresented individuals from reaching top levels of leadership. 

The Stats

Mid level manager roles are comprised of 34% women and 27% underrepresented minorities.

The data gets worse the farther up the organization you go. Women and underrepresented minorities comprise:

The Howells Group Sponsorship Protege Stats

Program Elements

The Howells Group Business Case for Sponsorship

Business Case 

for Sponsorship

combine the latest industry data with your company's unique business case to create a compelling, data-backed story
The Howells Group Elements for Success in the Sponsorship Protege Program

Elements for 


define the many dimensions of success based on best practices, as well as elements uniquely suited to your organization
The Howells Group Roles and Expectations in the Sponsorship Protege Program

Roles and 


clearly defined so both sponsors and proteges know exactly what to do and what to expect from the partnership
Finding a Sponsor or Protege with The Howells Group Protege Program

Finding a Sponsor/Protege

never an easy task, our guide demystifies the search process of finding the right sponsor or protege
The Howells Group Sponsorship Protege Program Partnership Agreement

Partnership Agreement

provide a contract for both sponsors and proteges to ensure skin in the game 
The Howells Group Curated Tools and Resouces for the Sponsorship Protege Program

Curated Tools and Resources

a 40+page, fillable, online playbook with just the right amount of structure

Leaders Who Have Active Sponsors:

Are 19% more likely to be promoted

For underrepresented minorities, they are 65% more likely to be satisfied with their rate of professional development

For women they are

17% more likely to be satisfied with their rate of professional development

Are promoted at the SAME rate as their majority counterpart​

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“When sponsorship is done right,
it is the great equalizer"

Kerrie Paraino, CPO at Verily (an Alphabet Company)

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